bats flying during a new moon

Experience a Night of Terrifying Fun

October 21, 2022

Thursday through Sunday from 5:30 to 11:30 pm throughout the month of October, you can travel into the silver mine below Nightfall or listen to one man’s haunting story. But what may begin as a trip into the fantastic could end in a nightmare of phantom prisoners, strange creatures, and the horrific lore of a headless cowboy. And yet, the voices– those whispers coming from Dead Man’s Grotto– draw you in, only to get lost in a maze of ritual markings and robed acolytes performing dark magic. It’s Tucson’s answer to entertain the whole family in the spirit of Halloween. And yes, there are lighter, brighter shows to see at the Grand Palace and a riotous who-done-it to watch, if you desire it, too. Purchase advanced, timed-entry tickets here, and spend the night (in peace) at Westward Look.

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