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Tucson Meet Yourself

October 07, 2019

By reputation, October is the most ideal month to visit Tucson. It’s at the cozy crux between the sweltering summer and winter’s swarm of snowbirds. It’s no coincidence that the Tucson Meet Yourself Festival takes place this time each year since 1974. A self-proclaimed “folklife festival”, the downtown event celebrates the uniqueness of Tucson’s culture and heritage, rooted in the Sonoran Desert landscape.

The organizers aim to showcase artists and communities that embody local tradition. Often, the features represent folklore—traditions not contained in formal cultural records at museums or universities. Think music, dance, native languages, games, myths, handicrafts, vernacular architecture, recipes, comedy, and almost anything else that human beings create through culture.

This year, special themes include the area’s connection to California, in terms of ancestral indigenous communities, Spanish mission history, shared musical heritage, and Hollywood studio involvement in Tucson. This year’s event takes place on October 11-13, from 11 am-10 pm on Friday and Saturday, and ending at 6 pm on Sunday. The festival occupies 4 city blocks and Jacomé Plaza.

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