Cool Down in the Caverns

August 01, 2019

August in the Sonoran Desert is warm, to say the least. But there are plenty of ways to keep cool and enjoy the natural beauty of Arizona this month. One option is to do as many desert dwellers do (think desert tortoises and burrowing owls) and head underground where it’s cooler.

Just an hour away from Westward Look, you’ll find Kartchner Caverns State Park. Along with getting a glimpse at the longest column formation in Arizona, you’ll have the chance to learn about the role that water plays in creating the caverns, and see natural wonders such as the original 86,000-year-old sloth bones on display in the Discovery Center. There are various tour options available, including a photo opportunity tour and another that equips you with a helmet and headlamp. The experience is certainly worth the day trip.

Another option, less than an hour from Westward Look, is Colossal Cave Mountain Park, which offers less expensive cave tours as well as wilder, intermediate and advanced options. Explore the unique rock formations and enjoy the on-site butterfly garden.

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