arizona desert

Escape To The Desert This Fall

October 26, 2021

If you’re looking for a blend of brisk and sunkissed, you’ve chosen the right place to spend your holiday season. Make your trip to the Sonoran Desert unforgettable as you take in the landscape and sneak in some stargazing. 

Make sure to head to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum- a 98-acre experience consisting of an aquarium, zoo, botanical garden, and 21 special acres set aside for walking paths. This subtropical desert receives rain bi-seasonally, attracting many plants and animals. From down below to way up high, another way to appreciate the Sonoran Desert is from the sky. Thrill-seekers can even book a local hot air balloon ride tour, gliding you through the clouds. 

With an average high of 72 and a low of 45 for this time of year, there’s no way you can stay inside! Book your vacation now at Westward Look Wyndham Grand Resort & Spa and enjoy up to 25% off, as well as a voucher for up to $25 in food and beverages, daily!

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