chefs garden

Surprises from the Chef's Garden

June 03, 2019

As we look toward a more sustainable, self-sufficient future, it becomes increasingly important to source locally-grown food. At Westward Look, local doesn’t get much closer to home thanks to our on-property Chef’s Garden. Guests are always surprised to learn what can be grown for food in the Sonoran Desert. As the summer growing season approaches, we wanted to dig in a bit deeper with some information about this special spot at the resort.

From pomegranates to beets, Swiss chard, Chinese cabbage, turnips, carrots, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, and even heirloom tomatoes, the Chef’s Garden is no small feat. It is fruitful in large part thanks to our "plant whisperer" Raymundo Ocampo, who has tended to the grounds for 30 years. He even coordinates with Executive Chef Todd Sicolo to ensure that the seasonal crops can be designed into delicious menu items.

You can savor our fresh, handpicked ingredients while overlooking the stunning Tucson terrain at GOLD, our fine dining establishment. The Lookout Grill & Bar also sources seasonal specialties from the Chef’s Garden. In addition to the one-acre food garden, we also have two herb gardens on-site that even feed into our spa treatments! 

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