picking vegetables in garden

Tips from Our Chef Gardener

March 01, 2020

Our Chef Gardener Raymundo Ocampo has been in the business of growing food for over 30 years. He came to Westward Look with a goal to incorporate plant species that require low water input and would attract more diversity of wildlife, such as special hummingbird species. With his vast knowledge of the field, he has plenty of tips to share with aspiring gardeners aiming toward optimal fruition.

In the spring, Raymundo often plants different varieties of beans, eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, okra, and sunflowers.

Raymundo adds fertilizer to the soil before planting seeds or transplants, as he knows it’s important for the young plants to find their nutrient needs met from the onset.

He suggests a wide array of crops in addition to the regular staples, including cucumber, edamame, corn, melon, watermelon, pumpkin, and other gourds.

Be sure to visit the Chef’s Garden during this productive time of year to see where your food is grown.

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