Tune in to Tucson

January 06, 2020

As the snowbirds flock to Tucson in the first month of the year, they’re accompanied by a multitude of tunes. These songs aren’t from the snowbirds themselves—the melodies float in with the arrival of the famed Tucson Jazz Festival.

This two-week-long event runs from January 10-20, 2020. The centerpiece of the festival is the free, day-long Downtown Jazz Fiesta, which takes place on Martin Luther King Day across two outdoor stages and multiple venues in downtown Tucson.

The festival brings world-class jazz acts of all sorts to Tucson, including the Afro-Cuban All Stars and Christian McBride. On January 19, you can catch a matinee tribute to Aretha Franklin at Tucson Music Hall.

The jazz festival overlaps with the Tucson Desert Song Festival, which runs January 15 through February 16. Focusing on American voices—specifically classical singers—the festival also takes place across multiple venues throughout the city.

Settle in to be serenaded.

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