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Visit the 2023 Tucson Gem Show

February 15, 2023

Consider the 68th annual Gem Show to be a time portal, a trip around the world, and a treasure hunt all rolled into one. This winter, join 65,000 guests from around the globe who descend upon Tucson to buy, sell, trade, and bear witness to rare and enchanting gems, minerals, and fossils at the Tucson Convention Center on Church Ave. There are events now through February 25th, 2023. The Aeora Rocks LLC runs until 2/17, and the La Encantada Gem Show runs 2/18 - 2/26. Some will buy, but most will just look at the private and museum collections of the mineral world's stars. Some past treasures included The Logan Sapphire, the Alma Rose Rhodochrosite, the Hooker Emerald, and the Star of Asia. Not a gem and mineral expert? We aren’t either! Fortunately, the experts on site are there to answer your questions and share what they know. If you do want some background, click here for a handy guide that you can reference as you explore.
We’ll see you there!

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